Sarah Lacy and Michael Arrington Drama

Nearly a week has settled since PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy announced in a blog post that former TechCrunch pal Michael Arrington was no longer on the board of her newly launched blog. What’s interesting to me about this story, is just how passionate this woman is about life’s “sell-out” factor.

For those not up to speed on this story, here’s a quick run down:

  1. Sarah worked for Arrington at TechCrunch
  2. When Arrington sold TechCrunch to AOL for $25 mil, Sarah was pissed
  3. Nevertheless, Sarah stayed on at TechCrunch after the acquisition until November, 2011
  4. Sarah launched PandoDaily in January, 2012 and Arrington, her friend, assumed a role as a board member and investor
  5. Sarah ousted him as a board member last Monday because he still wanted to be involved at Disrupt, a TechCrunch sponsored annual event

So passionate is she that she had to give Mike the boot? Why? What’s the big deal? Why the drama? Because Disrupt and TechCrunch and Arrington all wanted to play together – you got bummed out? Cry me a river lady.



About Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess is a Sr. Community Manager for Banyan Branch in Seattle, WA. In the evenings he works towards his Master's of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington. When he's not writing for Socialrazzi or, he's likely taking photographs with his Canon T2i or spending time with his family.
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